Welcome to Sophision! Let us be your one stop shop for your video, media, computer, and web needs. Do you like things that are fresh, organic, and top-quality? We do too. You’re in the right place.

Why choose Sophision?

We offer unparalleled service, backed with years of professional experience in digital media, design, and computer technology. We not only serve the Fitchburg, Madison, and the greater Wisconsin areas, we also offer some of our services nationwide, and will tirelessly work with you to bring your dreams to life. But don’t take my word for it; read what others are saying about us.


You may wonder what “Sophision” is. As any business begins, it begins with a whole lot of name brainstorming. Suffice it to say, this was one of the only names that (as far as I could see) was not taken. I wanted the name to have some meaning, so I thought through a lot of Greek words, and landed upon Sophos (which means “wise”), and attached “-ision” so that this business would be known for its “Wise Vision” in art of all forms.

So Sophision exists to help you express, capture, and preserve your hopes and dreams, whether you’re getting married, celebrating an anniversary, looking for a new computer (or fixing the one you have), hoping to grow or start your own business, or yearning to get your message out to lots of people. Contact us, and we can get started making those dreams a reality.